Sara Owens

Chief Operating Officer / Vice President of Corporate Development of Burnham Benefits

Sara is responsible for leading new business strategy and execution. With industry experience since 2005, Sara has excellent industry experience in the property and casualty industry. Sara’s main responsibilities include strengthening the sales unit, recruiting new talent, enhancing key carrier engagement, building a network of centers of influence, and optimizing new products and services. With a proven track record as a sales leader, Owens will be instrumental in team building and training on consultative techniques to maximize opportunities in both verticals of the employee benefits and property and casualty markets. Sara’s critical role at both Burnham Risk and Burnham Benefits allows the company to operate as an all-encompassing insurance service provider while also providing clients a personalized approach that caters to their unique, individual needs.

Sara enjoys cooking, all things sports-related (especially boxing!), running and hiking, exploring new travel destinations and studying art. She loves helping others succeed, giving back to her community and visiting her nephew Tait in New York.